Last Mile Delivery in Governance


Been there, done that…  well yes and no, while experience is the foundation, curiosity and a penchant for excellence are the drivers!

In particular in finance, business has been conducted with a watchful eye on the “how to”, let’s call it governance, for some time. Governance Tailor offers a non-executive director to integrate your board to keep the focus on using governance as an enabler and create value for you!

Governance Tailor mends, fixes and keeps things in shape!





The Person behind Governance Tailor?

Moritz von Kunow is a go-to governance expert in the Luxembourg financial industry, with experience going back to 2007 and registered with the Luxembourg financial regulator in various roles since 2014.

After operational roles giving legal advice, keeping compliance on track, housekeeping as corporate secretary, selling off business lines of his employer and restructuring debt, the focus is now on giving operational companies and alternative investment funds a hand by contributing in a non-executive board role, though jumping in as an adviser is never excluded.

Contributing actively to the local ecosystem, as member of ILA, ALCO and ALJB, the Luxembourg financial industry has become a professional home.

Having qualified as a German lawyer and having gone through officer training in the more distant past, present learning is focussed on IT.

Languages spoken are English, French, German and Luxembourgish, with limited proficiency in Dutch and even more limited in Mandarin.